We have spy photos of the E-Ray completely undisguised ahead of its official debut next week!

The other day GM teased “stealth mode” for the E-Ray, and a few weeks ago the online configurator leaked showing every angle of the E-Ray (virtually), but today is our first real look at the actual E-Ray on the road.

Although this E-Ray carries a Z06 badge, it’s just a placeholder for where the E-Ray badge will actually sit. Taking a look at the E-Ray, it will be almost indistinguishable from the Z06, the only true giveaway will be the exhaust setup. In the US the E-Ray will be easier to recognize because of Z06s center mounted exhaust setup, but in Europe and other overseas markets you’ll really have to give it a double take or crank up your beltone for that exhaust note.

Looking at the exhaust tips on the E-Ray you’ll notice that they’re very familiar, that’s because the E-Ray will share an exhaust setup with the Stingray. Both the Stingray and the E-Ray will make use of the LT2 V8 and therefore share the same Tenneco exhaust system.

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