GM's sixth-generation small block V8 engine is expected to be in the next-generation Corvette (C9).

"Reports that the next Corvette will be a lot like the current car follow concrete statements that General Motors is tooling up to build its sixth-generation small-block V8. It's more than likely the next Corvette will be powered by some flavor of this motor, although specifications for GM's fancy new engine have not been revealed publicly. We do know it will still be bolted into the middle of the car, though.

The C9 will allegedly sit on a reworked version of the C8's "Y2" platform. That makes the C9 Corvette the second mid-engine Corvette, and it makes sense to keep doing it this way. Not only is the C8 the quickest Corvette ever, but keep in mind GM built seven generations of front-engined Corvettes before arriving at the C8. A one-and-done mid-engine 'Vette would doubtlessly leave engineers at the automaker unsatisfied, as every car could be refined over successive generations."