Would you camp out overnight outside of a Chevy dealer if it meant securing an e-ray?
People have been lined up outside MacMulkin Chevrolet in Nashua since Monday night, hoping to just reserve Corvette's new electric car.

The Corvette E-Ray, an all-wheel drive sports car, can go from zero to 60 mph in just two and a half seconds.

It's drawing people from across the country, including Tom Biondo from Staten Island, New York.

“It's the quickest Corvette ever made,” Biondo said. “It's the first one to have a dual hybrid engine with electric and gas.”

Biondo already has a Corvette C-8 Stingray.

“Everybody knows I love the Corvette and want the new one, so everyone's on board with me,” Biondo said.

Their camping trip outside the car dealership ends Wednesday morning when the first deposits are accepted.