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GM Is Benchmarking the Porsche Taycan - Corvette EV Sedan Coming?

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With the rumours of Chevy making an electric Corvette sedan, GM engineers have been spotted driving a Porsche Taycan at the Milford Proving Grounds.


As GM ramps up its efforts to roll out a fully electric light-duty vehicle lineup by 2035, internal-combustion classics like the Chevy Corvette are destined to come along for the ride. Now, recent spy photos reveal that GM is currently benchmarking the Porsche Taycan, providing yet further evidence that The General is making moves to develop a new Corvette EV sedan.

Spied entering GM’s Milford Proving Ground in Michigan, this particular Porsche Taycan is the Turbo S model, offered as the range-topper of Porsche’s high-performance all-electric four-door lineup.
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I want to think this is for development of a lower segment electric sedan, like a Camaro EV. It would help Chevy to undercut the Taycan on pricing. The Taycan starts from $86k and the cheapest E-Ray is $105k, which doesn't exactly help an electric Corvette EV sedan be a volume seller. A Camaro EV would.
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